Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

My thoughts on China

To be quite honest, I don't know how to feel about this topic. I can't decide for myself if I should find China threatening and be afraid or hateful towards them, or if they might be a big opportunity to improve the general standard of living all over the world.
Oftentimes it seems to me like they couldn't care less about everybody except for themselves or those who might be advantageous for them, and that really freaks me out. It's not like the US don't do all this shit everywhere in the world just for charity, but at least they are a democracy. Of course one can't be sure how democratic they really are behind the scenes, but they do have free elections etc., and they fit the standard of what the most part of our western civilisation consider a free country with decent values.
The point is though that our western democracies are now economically breaking down while dictatorships (or whatever the chinese system should be called, since they don't have a ruling individual) like China are flourishing and have money out the butt. They have the money, they have the industry and they have a pretty impressive military force. Sounds like a threat to me.
But on the other hand they invest into Africa bigtime, helping the people there fight famines etc., which is great in my opinion, although their power and territorial influence grows and grows that way, even more than it did before.
So when I evaluate this in my mind I come to the conclusion that we (and by that I mean Europe) might soon be witness to a new era, an era similar to the era of Americanisation, similar but still completely different since we might have to replace English with Chinese, McDonalds might disappear and some chinese fast-food-chain might take its place.

But you know what? If all chinese women look like this I might change my mind about the necessity of free speech etc.

I mean look at her! Well, you get my point.


  1. I think China makes money off of America to an extent that they probably would not stop the flows of trade as they are now. China has the sheer workforce to control and the disregard of human emotion and pain that allows them to persevere.

    For example, Hitler's army was the same way. However, when their major controlling powers fall, the whole infrastructure is soon to follow.

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  2. China, can't live with them, can't live without them. :\

  3. I see them as a threat. But then again, no Chinese labor, no Nike's and Walmart. hmm

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  5. Hmm... China is a difficult Topic.
    Nice Post ;)

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