Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

Why I am sceptical about buying the new AC

So, Assassin's Creed is definetly one of my favourite franchises ever in regard to gaming and such, but this new Assassin's Creed, "Revelations" it's called I believe, doesn't seem too attractive to me. I mean, when AC started with thhe first game, they said it would be a trilogy. But after four games we haven't even seen the real third part, it's still Ezio Ezio Ezio.

In my opinion it is time to move on from the whole Italy-Renaissance-thing and think of something brandnew, something that could revolutionize the series. That would be a game that I'd be happy to go out and buy for 600 Swedish kronor. But this... I don't know. It seems like kind of a waste of money.

PS: The music in the trailer is pretty awesome though. Check it out!

Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Xbox-Dashboard Update

I didn't like it. Straight up. I think it changed almost nothing and for me as a Swedish resident it didn't even grant me access to TV or anything. 

Okay, the YouTube-app was a good idea. In theory. But this thing sucks! I mostly browse YouTube for my subscriptions, but the subscriptions-function doesn't even display abou 85 percent of my subscriptions... So that's pretty useless. 

Other apps that Xbox gave us in Sweden: Dailymotion and Seriously? REALLY??

I think Microsoft shouldn't have pretended this was some kind of big deal, because it just wasn't.
More luck next time.

Hello World

So, let's try to get this started somehow.

Mind of some Guy is not supposed to be a strictly one-sided blog, but instead I'm just going to share some of my thoughts and maybe theories that are interesting to me, and see where it goes from there!

Also I might talk about stuff I do, movies or TV-Shows I see, so different things not necessarily linked to each other.