Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

My theory to destroy terrorism

It's actually kind of simple and I can't believe noone else has thought of this before me. My plan is as follows:

1. Go to a country where terrorizers have their HQ. You need a military force or at least military equipment for this.

2. Drop off a couple of helicopters in the middle of some desert in the terrorizer-country, but make it look like it was on accident, like someone lost them there.

3. Use some kind of messaging system that al-Qaida or whoever can relatively easy intercept and say on there that a load of helicopters was were lost in the desert.

4. Terrorizers go to get themselves some helicopters. Who wouldn't?

So far so good. Now for the second phase of the plan.

5. Terrorizers plan an attack with the helicopters, they want to fly them into NYC buildings. They have discovered a gadget we built into the helis: catapult seats. Of course they think the pilot is ejected to the side, but he isn't. He's ejected right into the heli's propeller and slashed to pieces.

6. All the terrorists fly their helicopters in the direction of NYC and shortly before they are in the building's range, they press eject and are killed.

7. Their bodies block the propellers and the helicopters fall into the sea.

That's it. US military, feel free to use this plan.

PS: No, I'm not serious ;)


  1. I liked the PS. Following.

  2. Cool story, email it to the bros at the CIA, im sure theyll appreciate it

  3. Mine theory is calling Trident II SLBM, but wait... You will loose oil...

  4. PS was unneeded. This would TOTALLY work.